Journey Down the Rabbit Trail Monthly Writing Membership

What if you could explore the people behind the books? The amazing authors and illustrators that create the picture books we love so much. What if you could cultivate an atmosphere where you kids don’t only want to learn to write, but fall in love with learning to write? You can do both of these things with our brand new monthly writing membership, Journey Down the Rabbit Trail.

Amazing writing lessons every single month

Rabbit Trails has always been about amazing literature. Beautiful, award winning, classic, wonderfully illustrated books are a part of every single curriculum we put out. This got us thinking, “What if we can feature these amazing books in a different way? How can we include author studies in Rabbit Trails?” We also saw our children struggle with one single subject: writing. How can we encourage them to love this part of their homeschool journey? To not dread writing, but actually look forward to it? Journey Down the Rabbit Trail monthly writing membership was the answer!!

By being a part of Journey Down the Rabbit Trail, you will receive beautiful lessons every single month! These lesson include author and illustrator studies from award winning titles, gorgeous book suggestions, copywork, fun hands on activities, and month long writing projects to take them even further down the Rabbit Trail. Each writing lesson will include a brainstorming activity and multi-step writing activity.

That’s not all. Every lesson also includes a full Bible study to compliment the lesson that includes writing prompts, and a beautiful lesson plan calendar to have the entire month laid out for you. Plus, you will receive special member perks for being a part of Journey Down the Rabbit Trail, too! The very best part is that you don’t need to purchase these books every month if you don’t want to. There will be a read aloud video of the main book that goes along with the lesson, too.

How does the membership work?

You can choose to purchase one full year or one month at a time. Payment will automatically come out from your preferred payment method each month (or year) and you will receive access to the new lessons without having to remember to purchase each month. This is the easiest way to get amazing literature based lessons into your children’s hands!

Here is what’s coming up in the membership!

Our winter/spring line up is now ready for you! Here’s what you’ll find in the coming months…

December: Tomie dePaola (An Early American Christmas)
Brainstorming using a special graphic organizer, Writing a Christmas themed story

January: Aaron Becker (Journey)
Brainstorming by learning to take notes, Writing captions for a wordless story

February: Jerry Pinkney (The Grasshopper and the Ants)
Brainstorming using a mind map, Writing a Fable

March: Dr. Seuss (One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish)
Brainstorming using your environment, Writing silly poetry

April: Laura Numeroff (The Chicken Sisters)
Brainstorming by learning about protagonist and antagonists, Writing a choose your own adventure story

May: Eric A Kimmel (Cactus Soup)
Brainstorming by learning about another culture, Writing a different ending for a classic story

Plus, when you become a member, we have a Bonus lesson on Randolph Caldecott that is ready for you to dive into! So, you will get two brand new lessons as soon as you become a member.

What is included in the membership?

Here is exactly what you’re getting every month in Journey Down theRabbit Trail Membership:

-A Rabbit Trails writing lesson about one author or illustrator. Each lesson will include brainstorming ideas and a writing project for your children to work through.
-A coordinating Bible study with memory verse cards. These also include writing prompts to work on throughout the month.
-A beautiful lesson plan calendar.
-A video read aloud of the main book.
-A chapter book suggestion to go along with the theme of the lesson/book to use as an additional fun read aloud or for older children to dive into independently.

A brand new study for mom

We also have a brand new study for moms to go along with the kid’s Bible study, too! Each month, you will receive a coordinating Bible study to read through the same verses with your children and study the Word together. You’ll have your own lesson prompts and your own memory cards to use.

Purchase Journey Down the Rabbit Trail Monthly Membership

The monthly membership is just $16 per month. If you purchase the full year, you will receive one month off! Payment for the next month or year will come out from your preferred payment method automatically, so you will never miss a single lesson!

Full Year Membership

Monthly Membership

See inside of Journey Down the Rabbit Trail

Want to see a sample of what all you get inside of this membership? You can download a sample lesson, Bible study, and calendar below (Note: The video read aloud is not inside of the sample)

Want to see inside of this writing membership? See a video walk thru here!

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