You cannot mom on an empty cup…it’s okay to say NO.

You cannot pour from an empty cup, it's okay to say no! Get this beautiful free printable to remind you that only God can fill your cup. #sayno #cupoverflows #psalm23:5

Have you tried momming on an empty cup? You know, when you’re so exhausted but you still do all.of.the.things? It’s okay to say NO!

Here is the live video I took today about this topic. Don’t like videos? Keep reading the recap below!

I woke up today, TIRED. The baby peed through her diaper last night at 3:30am, so I went to change her. Then she was AWAKE. Awake for the rest of the night, it felt like.

Today was also a loaded day. Karate. Chiropractor. Lunch. Beach. Out to dinner. I can’t do this all while I’m so stinkin’ tired!

So, you know what I did? I said NO.

I didn’t say no to everything. We went to karate and the chiropractor. We will still go out to dinner.
But I cannot bring myself to go to the beach.

You know what the beach entails?

-It means getting kids ready. This means trying to get sunscreen on the 5 year old who is freaking out because it’s getting too close to his eyes.
-It means the baby eating a pound of sand.
-It means the 9 year old complaining because I won’t let him in far enough for the ocean waves to knock him down and the rip currents to carry him away.
-It means everyone getting a bath as soon as we get home, including myself and the baby.
-It means cleaning sand from the floor where it trails from the door to the bathrooms, and then also cleaning the sand from the showers.

I CANNOT do that while being as tired as I am. I would lose my cool on my kids for sure.

And that’s not fair. It’s not fair to me and it’s not fair to them.

So I said no. And you know what happened?

Nobody died. No one even complained. They went and played happily down the street while I kept just one fraction of my sanity!

We can’t do it all, moms. Give yourself some grace and don’t try to pour from an empty cup.

Save it for tomorrow. It will be a new day, with a new, full cup.

Today reminded me of Psalm 23:5- “My cup overflows.” Yes, Jesus. Fill my cup so that, maybe tomorrow, I can tackle the beach with my kids and keep my sanity in check.

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