The Best Homeschool Math Curriculum of All Time

Many homeschool families dread the subject of MATH. I get it, not everyone loves math. But we all need to incorporate math into our children’s education somehow. Here are the best homeschool math curriculum resources I’ve found so far!

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Math doesn’t have to be boring!

With these resources I know you’ll be cruising through your homeschool math curriculum this year! I’d love to know what your favorites have been as well. Come join me and chat with us over in my online homeschool community!

4 thoughts on “The Best Homeschool Math Curriculum of All Time

  1. Thank you so much for this post! As we enter our first year of homeschooling, one of my biggest struggles has been deciding which math curriculum to use for my very rambunctious, kinesthetic learner. I’ve been stuck between saxon and singapore and after this review, we’re definitely going to give saxon a try!

  2. I have taught Saxon 1 in a classical school for the past 17 years. Early on, it took me a while to get my head around all the components. However I always had tremendous success with my students and understanding math and using logical thinking and math strategies. Our school has done away with saxon math this year and replaced it with Ito Math which is a big box HMH program. I find it to be random silly and not sequential in any way shape or form. I highly recommend Saxon math for all you homeschoolers. Learning mass strategies allows children to think deeply about math and provides the tools to be successful. I have never seen a program that does a better job in a school setting to ensure students learn in a systematic manner. Most other programs I have looked at do not understand what children must know before they can learn something else. Saxon is brilliant in that arena.

    1. I really think it’s so thorough! I would likely still be using it if I was just doing one level in my home. With how time intensive it is, I had to find other resources because I felt like I was doing math all day doing multiple levels with multiple children. It’s still one of my favorite maths out there, though.

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