Become a Rabbit Trails Ambassador

Want to earn free curriculum for sharing Rabbit Trails with others?! It’s super easy to do! Become a Rabbit Trails Ambassador and snag your favorite Rabbit Trails just for sharing what you already love.

When you become a Rabbit Trails Ambassador, you will receive your choice or Rabbit Trails lessons (can be our existing lessons or a new release!). In exchange for the curriculum, you will share Rabbit Trails on social media. This can be by replying in different Facebook groups, posting in Instagram, by making a reel, etc.

Unfortunately, not every person who applies can become an Ambassador. We need to make sure that you will be able to adequitely share for the value of the curriculum. Ambassadors must have a solid social media following. You can fill out the form below and sign our Ambassador contract to apply and we will get back to you either way, so we won’t leave you hanging.

We will also make sure that you have support so that you know the right ways to share, understand proper disclosure, etc. We want you to be successful not only for Rabbit Trails, but so that this is a fun and enjoyable opportunity for you, too!