New Resource Pages!

When using Rabbit Trails curriculum there is a lot of… Rabbit Trailing! We have lots of opportunities to look things up online and also lots of videos to watch. We hope to simplify your homeschool experience with our new Resource Pages!

Our new Resource Pages include most of the links you will need for your Rabbit Trails curriculum. You can find them in the back of all of our full unit studies (individual holiday and single lesson National Park lessons not included).

The first link you’ll find is to our Amazon storefront. Our storefront is organized by curriculum name and includes all of the main books and any kits you would need to purchase. Do you have to purchase from Amazon? Of course not! But, if you do, this is an easy way to support our small business at no extra cost to you.

Next, if you have a science or history curriculum, you’ll find a link to our middle grade level chapter book lists. These lists were made to accompany all of the topics covered in our science and history curriculum for your upper elementary or middle school learners to go even further down the Rabbit Trail. You can also add these as read alouds in your homeschool.

You will also find any additional links you will need for the curriculum. Do we tell you to check out a specific website? That site will be listed and hyperlinked on the Resource Page. So whether you print the curriculum or you’re using it digitally, you can see the full website written out to easily head to. Our art studies and poetry suggestions aren’t included here since there are usually dozens of websites to choose from. We’re trying to avoid broken links here! Specific ones that are hard to find are linked.

Finally, you will see a QR code at the bottom of the Resource Page. When scanned, you will be directed to an exclusive YouTube list of all of the videos included in our Rabbit Trails and More Ideas sections. No more searching for videos! We have them all compiled for you.

Getting the Resource Pages into your hands!

If you purchase any curriculum from here on out, it will have the Resource Page included in the back of the file.

“But, Christine! I’ve already purchased and I want this new Resource Page!” Don’t you worry, we’ve thought about that!

If you have purchased a Rabbit Trails curriculum and want the new file, simply send your proof of purchase to (copy and paste the email address if you’re not directed to your email) and we will email you back with the new file. We will only do this for a limited time, though, so act fast! You may email us between now and Tuesday, February 20th with your proof of purchase, and your new file will be sent within two weeks.

If you do not have your receipt, you can login to your Rabbit Trails account and take a screen shot of your current file access as proof. Log in here, and your username will be firstname.lastname. You can request a password reset if you don’t know it, as your first password is automatically generated for you when you purchase curriculum. When you get to your account, click Downloads, and you will see access to everything you have purchased.

We’re so excited to get these into your hands and to improve our curriculum in this way!