Hands-On Science with Science Unlocked

hands on science with science unlocked

Science is one of those subjects where I love to get messy. But, sometimes I just don’t have the energy to gather all of the materials. Or, maybe I don’t mind gathering the materials, but the materials that are hard to find! Science Unlocked from Home Science Tools has you covered with their brand new, hands-on science kits that come with everything you need to learn and get messy in your homeschool!

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Back to Homeschool Ideas to Both Celebrate and Prepare for the Coming Year

Back to Homeschool Ideas to both Celebrate and Prepare for the coming year! Back to homeschool resources. The best homeschool resources. Resources for homeschool success. Prepare to go back to homeschool. How to prepare for homeschooling. #homeschooling #backtohomeschool

Although my family does incorporate a lot of learning activities throughout our summers, we do define the beginning of each school year. I’ve gathered all my best ideas for you on getting back to homeschool. I definitely encourage a party and a plan for the year. I hope you enjoy all these back to homeschool ideas!

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17 Picture Books about Camping and Travel

August Picture books about camping and travel

Summer time is the perfect time to travel! Everyone is still taking a break from their lessons in August, the weather is great in many places (especially those that may get snow in the winter), and there is still plenty of time to explore! You can get ready for your exploration with this amazing list of picture books about camping and travel.

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Getting hands on with math: A Review of Exploring Creation with Mathematics from Apologia

Apologia math review

We have been through so many different math curriculum options over the years. I have been looking for a homeschool math curriculum that included short lessons, hands on activities, an easy parent guide, and a physical workbook for my kids to work in for years. I had only found curriculum that included a few of these requirements…until I found Apologia math curriculum, Exploring Creation with Mathematics. It fits all of my “must haves” list and I’m so excited to finally have a math that I love using!

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Learning About Math Through Picture Books

Learning about Math through Picture Books

I love finding unique ways to include picture books in our homeschool. A friend of mine recently asked if I would ever create a math curriculum and my immediate response was, “I won’t touch math with a ten foot pole!” Then I started thinking of all of the amazing math themed stories out there and my tune changed immediately. Math and language arts can certainly be tied together in a beautiful way, so this free Rabbit Trails through Literature lesson all about measurement was born! Have a great time learning math through picture books with this free lesson.

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Summer Reading Book Ideas- Children’s Books to Read in June

summer reading june book ideas for kids

Summer is here and that means summer reading! Dig out the books and get to reading with your children. Most of us have either finished school and are on break or have relaxed our schedule which means that there’s more time to lay a blanket outside and read together as a family! Here is a great list summer reading book ideas, starting with children’s books to read in June, including books about summer, Father’s Day, and Juneteenth!

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