20 of the Best Picture Books about American History

20 of the best picture books about American History. Picture books about George Washington. Picture books about the Revolutionary War. Picture books about Paul Revere. Picture Books about Thomas Jefferson. Picture books about the Declaration of Independence. American History books for kids. #picturebooks #homeschooling

American History is always a great topic to study in our homeschools. Nothing makes you more patriotic than learning about how our nation was founded! We want our children to learn all about the amazing founders of our nation, the documents that keep our society together, the American Revolution, and all of the events in between. I’ve round up the best picture books about American History so that you can easily get great titles all in one place!

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Easily Add a History Timeline in Your Homeschool

Using a history timeline in your homeschool is a great way to make different historical events or when different people were alive make sense to your children. They’re used a lot because they truly make a difference in your history studies! I have kept them out of our school for a while because it seemed too complicated to add…but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some easy ways to add and create a history timeline in your homeschool.

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Free Literature Based History Lesson about Johnny Appleseed

free Johnny Appleseed lesson

I grew up learning about Johnny Appleseed. We lived in the heart of Ohio where he planted many trees. Yes, Johnny Appleseed was a real man that really planted trees! Your children can learn all about him with this free literature based history lesson about Johnny Appleseed, and you get to go along on the journey with them.

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The Best Picture Books to Read in March

Picture books to read in March

March is here and we have a brand new list of books to celebrate FIVE different holidays and special days this month! Did you even know there is so much going on in March?! Read beautiful picture books for Read Across America (Dr. Seuss Day), Pi Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Spring, and Women’s History Month. Here are the best picture books to read in March to get you through the whole month!

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A Year of Picture Books

a year of picture books

Looking for picture books to read for a year with your kids? You’ve come to the right place! I have gathered all of my posts that have beautiful picture books listed for different holidays, seasons, and so much more to enjoy throughout the year. They’re all in one easy location for you now, so no more searching! Enjoy the ultimate list of beautiful picture books!

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February Picture Book List: Celebrate Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, and More With Picture Books!

February picture book list

Who knew that there was so much to enjoy and celebrate in February? Our February Picture Book List is our biggest yet. It includes Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, books by Mac Barnett (who is featured in our membership for February 2022), Goundhog Day, Chinese New Year, Library Lover’s Day, and President’s Day! WOW!! Let’s dig right into the best books to read this February!

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