Your Guide to 6 Different Homeschooling Methods

Your Guide to 6 different homeschooling methods

What are the different homeschooling methods? I feel like I’m asked this same question by every new person I meet when they find out we homeschool. It defines us as homeschoolers, it helps us choose the type of curriculum we use, and it can also help us find our homeschool tribe. Let’s dive into each of these homeschooling methods together to see where we fit in this homeschool life.

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Five Easy Self Care Ideas for Homeschool Moms

5 easy self care ideas for the homeschool mom

I am super guilty of not getting the self care that I need. I always see pictures of women who spend the day at the spa, go out for pedicures, or even spend a weekend away from home. These are all great ways of getting self care, but they’re not for me. Self care doesn’t have to be expensive, or even have anything to do with pampering your body. I’m not one for mud masks and bath soaks. I don’t like spending money at the spa. So, how do you get self care as a homeschool mom?

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Independent Study Homeschool Curriculum for Busy Families

Independent Study homeschooling method
Independent Study Homeschool curriculum for busy families. You can easily homeschool with a busy schedule! #homeschoolcurriculum #busyfamily
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Are you super busy? Maybe you have multiple kids in multiple age ranges you’re trying to homeschool. Maybe you work part or full time. Maybe you are involved in a lot of different activities outside of your home.  Can you do all of of this and still homeschool your kids? YES! No problem! There are a lot of options for independent study homeschool curriculum for busy families.

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